Quality Assurance through full traceability for all products throughout our supply chain

Our Promise

We’re pretty pedantic about quality and, what’s more, we always have been. But our dedication to quality reaches far beyond our products and processes. Lumo thrives because of the calibre of our teams, and the quality of our relationships with clients and commercial partners. These are every bit as important as our GMP Quality Manual!

Our Testing Lab & Quality Practices

We provide first in class testing services for all nicotine containing liquids / bottle that we manufacture in our state of the art testing suite.

  • Analytical test methods are validated and verified in accordance with ICH Q2 (International Committee of Harmonisation) to ensure specificity, accuracy of detection and precision of measurement;
  • GC analysis is carried out for purity, consistency, nicotine and compound levels;
  • Full GMP principles and practices are applied to all liquids, including batch records, storage, training, cleaning, hygiene and quality control;
  • Batch documentation system is in place, to record and store all relevant data relating to the manufacture and testing of each batch, prior to release by quality control team;
  • Full TPD compliant technical dossiers are held for all nicotine-containing eliquids;
  • For our bottles, we ensure that each is weighed for accuracy, sealed with a child-proof tamper-evident cap and, where required, supplied in a TPD compliant carton with leaflet.

We are proud about our high quality testing standards as this ensures that our Customers can guarantee a safe and compliant vaping product.

Our Accreditations: 

Lumo’s experience, quality disciplines and accreditations are unrivalled in the eliquid market and and we are committed to providing assurances to our Customers by regularly undergoing external audits.

 We are constantly working with our global partners and regulatory houses to gain new accreditations within this industry to ensure we support them with their growth plans.

Quality. Scalability. Future Thinking.

We pride ourselves in nurturing stable and strong commercial relationships with other experts in their field, to ensure we always offer you a consistently high-quality, end-to-end solution. These include the very best flavour experts, CBD consultants, graphic designers, packaging printers and ingredient suppliers. We source the best, to deliver the best.

Let’s work together

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